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1.What does your company do?
Our company is a purchasing agent. Help all who would like to buy something on Chinese auction online store.


2.What is the order process of taobaobuying?
1.You order via our site or spreadsheet.
2.We will email you a quote for your requested items.
3.You send the 1st  payment include your item(s)+shipping in China+our service fee.
4.We buy your items.
5.We inspect the quality of what you have ordered after we get your product(s).
6.You will receive our email about shipping cost to your home.
7.You make the 2nd payment.
8.You will ship your parcel.
9.You get the items.


3.How much is your service fee?
10% of total your item prices +domestic freight. But the minimum serivce fee is 50cny of per parcel .It means TBB will still charge you 50cny even if (item fee + domestic shipping) is less than 500cny.


4. There are some items from the same seller in my order, but I paid the domestic shipping fee for each item. Can you merge the domestic shipping fee for me?
Yes, we can. Please write this in the comments to make sure that your purchaser will know which items from the same seller.


5. My item has been in your warehouse, but I do not want it, can you cancel the order for me?
Sorry. If there is no any quality problem, we will not accept the refund. And the order cannot be cancelled, either.


6. If I find there is something wrong with my shipping address, what should I do?                      
Please e-mail to at once. We will change the address for you if the parcel has not been shipped yet.


7.Which payment methods we can use?
Our company accepts paypal, western union ,VISA for your payment options.


8.What kinds of currency you accept? And how `s the exchange rate?
We only accept USD for payment. The rate of exchange is 1CNY=0.168USD


9. What kinds of international shipping ways you provide?
We provide EMS, DHL,Airmail for small packages,Air Parcel,Sal Parcel.
We highly recommend EMS for shipping, High rate of customs clearance . Packages will arrive at the destination within 5-10 days. Please keep the item height and width less than 1.2M EMS can deliver liquid, powder and some counterfeit products. The delivery status can be tracked online according to the Tracking number. You could get 45% off of official EMS site through taobaobuying


10. Which products cannot we purchase for you?
We can't purchase animals, plants, large-sized cargo, raw material, toxic or radioactive heavy metal products, and items beyond our purchasing ability and other illegal products. Besides, we reserve the right to reject some illegal and unreasonable requests.


11. Which websites can we purchase from?         
We recommend which is the biggest shopping platform in China. If you cannot find what you need, we can also help you buy from,,,, est.        

If you are not sure about some other stores, please contact our customer service.  


12.How can I know the total price of my order
{(Items cost +domestic shipping+ service fee+ International shipping+packing fee+custom fee)*1.04(paypal handling charge)}*1.05(insurance)=total amount in CNY*0.168(exchange rate)=The amount in USD
NOTE: If the weight of your package less than or equal to 10KG,we charge you 10CNY for your packing fee..If it`s more than 10KG,we charge 20CNY.
Chinese customs fee is 8CNY per parcel.


13. What will we check for you?        
For clothing and accessories, we will check size, color, quantity and pattern. For electronic products, we can do some very basic checking, like whether the appearance is in good condition or not, whether it can be powered on and off. We cannot make sure that the inside parts or the software are the same, you are at your own risk. 


14. Why does the store show the goods are in stock, but taobaobuying says they are not?
This is because the information about stock on Taobao webpage is not always true.
Listing on Taobao is totally free, and most sellers are individuals, the webpage is not always updated in time. It's not the same as Ebay. Ebay will charge sellers money, but Taobao will not. This is the reason why sometimes you'll get feedback that the goods are out of stock although the webpage shows they are available


15. What is taoboabuying exchange rate?
Our exchange rate is 1 CNY=0.168USD and is adjusted according to the Bank of China rates.


16.Can I get insurance to my parcel?
Yes. You can. 5% of whole payment. It includes 2 shipping ways, from sellers to us and from our company to you.For more details,please view Insurance


17. I am a regular customer, how about discount?
Please pay attention to our news, if there are promotions, we will post details on our website.


18. I do not want the stickers in my parcel, can you remove it?
Please write notes when you submit delivery. Send also an email to  We will remind our workmate to remove it.

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