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Shipping insurance covers: Loss or damage of the goods during both domestic and international shipping.

Shipping insurance does not cover: Postal delays, goods confiscated, destroyed or seised by customs in your country.


* Returned parcels for reasons involving your local customs will not be compensated. We have  no jurisdiction over your country's customs.

* Returned parcels because you failed to pick up your parcels will not be compensated. You will  be responsible for additional fees to have your package redelivered.

* Insurance does not cover the durability of your items.


Please pay more attention

* For an insured parcel, TBB will provide full compensation if the parcel lost during delivery.

* For the uninsured parcel, TBB can only provide compensation for the international  shipping fee. We strongly recommend you to choose insurance for your parcel at the safe point of view..

* Any problem of the goods,please contact us within 3 days since you get the parcel. We can`t be responsible for your loss if it`s overdue.


Taobaobuying suggests its customers to take the initiative to find out their local Customs' policies before purchasing. In countries with high rate of Customs clearance, additional fees are unlikely. However, in countries with low rate of Customs clearance such as Argentina, customers may be required to pay tariffs. In Italy, Customs pay special attention to counterfeit shoes; Italian Customs are the strictest among the European countries.

Having more than 5 of the same items in one purchase will also draw the Customs' attention. If necessary, try separating the items into different parcels.

In some countries, parcels that weigh over 10KG will be considered commercial; Customs will block these parcels and ask you to pay duties. Be sure to monitor the weight of your parcel!

Customers Complaints:

The following information should be included when you submit your complaints to


--What happened?
--What do you expect us to do for you?

Taobaobuying will respond during working hours.

* Our working hours are 10:00a.m. to 18:00p.m (CST: China Standard Time), Monday to Friday


Accident Claims:


If you receive a wrong size/color/pattern/quantity, a wrong parcel, a damaged item, lost item, etc, you can file a claim within three working days after received your item. Late claims will not be accepted.

Please note that the final delivery date is subject to the exact final delivery date on the tracking website

- items' Pictures (You should provide us with detailed and clear pictures while you get wrong or broken items.)

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